Assign issue to multiple users in Jira


In real project there are scenarios when multiple people work on the same task. For example developers do pair programming, business analysts collaborate on the same idea, testers test the same feature etc. It would be helpful if task tracking and project management system like Jira support to assign one task to multiple resources

Unfortunately Jira itself doesn’t support to do so natively, there is a workaround recommended for that purpose here however it doesn’t really meet the need from many of our users.

Project & Program Resource Management for Jira address the need directly and provides users a convenient way to plan task for multiple resources in its beautiful task scheduler.

How to assign task to many users

  • Drag & drop task from issues box: Searching for the issue to drag and drop into different resource in scheduler
  • Assign more menu: Click on the task, choose Assign more and select the user you want to add
  • When planning a new task: Click on the white space of the resource to create a new plan, find the right issue and add more plan to assign to other users

Fore more details please watch the demo video:

Check it out the new release

TeamBoard Resource 1.4.0-AC Release
Project Resource Management: Best Practices and Tailoring Considerations