Resource Planning for Jira

Access capacity of your team and schedule tasks accordingly

ProScheduler - Resource Planning Solution for Jira

An Innovative Resource Management Solution for Jira

Use TeamBoard ProScheduler to creates, assigns, and track the activity for all your team members. It gives an inclusive picture of the team members, their tasks along with logged and scheduled time for each issue for reporting.

Teamboard ProScheduler - Drag&drop to plan

Drag & drop to plan

Quickly search for Jira issues, drag and drop to schedule

Resize card to adjust plan

Resize card vertically or horizontally to change the hours per day or number of days planned

Teamboard ProScheduler - Resize to plan

Rich Reports

Simplified tedious time tracking task. Resize the task to log time. Timelog and reports for project, program and individual.

Mobile App

Work quickly and effectively anywhere with iOS and Android apps.

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