TimePlanner 1.1.0 release

Hi Teamboard users

We are so glad to announce that a complete version is coming out soon.

From the release 1.1.0 TeamBoard TimePlanner become a commercial product. Please consider upgrading to use all features and get professional support from DevSamurai. As shared in the Marketplace listing page from the beginning you can continue using free features at your own risk.


Features Free version Premium version
Individual dashboard
Individual task scheduler
Time tracking
Timesheets workflow
Team management, team scheduler
Manage profile, skills set of resources
Public holiday calendar
Working capacity
Vacation approval workflow
Team dashboard
Billing rate and cost management
Manage clients
Cost report, invoices


Price for Jira Cloud

Number of users Monthly price
20 $30.00
50 $75.00
75 $112.5
100 $150.00
200 $225.00
500 $350.00
750 $437.50
1,000 $525.00
2,500 $750.00
5,000 $1000.00
7,500 $1,250.00
10,000 $1,500.00
15,000 $1750.00
20,000 $1900.00

Thanks a lot for using the app and support us improve it everyday hopefully you will keep supporting us to add more values and benefit all users.

Any questions or concerns please create a support ticket in our Support Desk, our team will reach you ASAP

TeamBoard Team.

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