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An Innovative Resource Management Solution for Jira

Use TeamBoard to creates, assigns, and track the activity for all your team members. It gives an inclusive picture of the team members, their tasks along with logged and scheduled time for each issue for reporting.

Gantt chart, Timeline for Jira

Interactive online Gantt chart for planning and managing multiple Jira projects at once.

No more Excel or Spreadsheet, manage and edit Jira issues quickly in the Tabular List view

Enable Program & Porfolio Management

Program help you manage and plan multiple projects in one view. Managers can see and manage the resources at the wide range.

Time Tracking, Timesheets for Jira

Get your team involved with Timelogs. Measuring the actual time reported via time logs versus the forecasted time via the resource scheduler gives you valuable insight into your teams performance.

Rich Reports

Simplified tedious time tracking task. Resize the task to log time. Timelog and reports for project, program and individual.

Vacation & Leave Request workflow in Jira

Allow your team to transparently schedule and request time off directly from the scheduler or request forms with the Vacation & Annual Leave requesting functionality.

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Work quickly and effectively anywhere with iOS and Android apps.

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