Gantt Chart for Jira

Interactive Gantt chart for project management & portfolio management

Teamboard - ProScheduler Project Management for Jira

WBS Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt chart for Jira support Project Manager manage projects and portfolios better.

Advanced Gantt chart features: Milestone, Baseline, Critical path, Auto scheduling

TeamBoard ProScheduler Jira Issues Spreadsheet

Jira issues table

Tabular list view to quickly manage and edit Jira issues like in the Excel spreadsheet

Drag & drop to plan

Drag and drop or resize the Gantt bars interactively

TeamBoard ProScheduler Gantt bars
Project management, Gantt chart, Timesheet for Jira

Support Project, Program & Portfolio

Work with all scopes from Projects to Programs and large Portfolios

Mobile App

Work quickly and effectively anywhere with iOS and Android apps.

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