Time tracking, Timesheets for Jira

Time tracking, Timesheets for Jira

TimePlanner - Time tracking, Timesheets for Jira

Time tracking for Jira

Track actual time spent on Jira issue for reporting and cost managing purposes

Teamboard TimePlanner Logtime

Track time in Jira issue

Override Jira Time tracking provider by TimePlanner Provider and log time directly in Jira issue details screen

Timesheet Submit & Approval

Submit and manage timesheets approval workflow in Jira

Leave, Vacation Management

Manage leave/vacation requests and approval workflow for Jira

Capacity Settings

Flexible capacity schemes for individual resource or group of resources

TeamBoard TimePlanner Capacity Setting
TeamBoard TimePlanner Holiday Calendar

Holiday Calendar

Import and create holiday on multiple calendars for employees on different regions

Mobile App

Work quickly and effectively anywhere with iOS and Android apps.

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